Staff & Board

Habitat Staff

Ed Blake, Executive Director

Carin Crowe, Sr. Director of Operations 

David Cannon, Controller 

Brandan Critchley, Construction Manager 

Kate Nielsen, Construction Field Operations Director 

Kandace Diggs, Director of Family and Volunteer Services 

Alan Jacobson, ReStore Manager 

Layne Burrows, Assistant ReStore Manager 

Stephanie Carter, Procurement Specialist

Michael Martinez, Construction Manager 

Austin Bedke, ReStore Clerk

Angelina Valdez, ReStore Clerk

Erin Johnson, ReStore Clerk

Blaine Burr, Warehouse

Austin Crowe, Warehouse

Jim James, Warehouse 

Rob Burrows, Appliance Repair Technician 

Logan May, Dispatcher

Frankie Costentina, Driver

Vincent Montoya, Driver


Board of Directors

Darren Berry, President/Finance Committee
Term: July 2014 - Present
Chief Financial Officer, WebBank

Kimberly Chytraus, Vice President/Family Services Committee Chair
Term: January 2015 - Present
Attorney, City of Salt Lake

Troy Akagi, Vice-President/Finance Committee
Term: October 2016 - Present
Senior Vice President & Relationship Manager
Well Fargo Utah Regional Commercial Banking Services

Russ Wall, Real Estate Committee
Term: August 2019 - Present
Senior Communications Executive, Intrepid Agency

Jim Schulte, Real Estate Committee
Term: August 2018 - Present
President, Restore Utah

Charles Henderson, Development Committee
Term: May 2018 - Present
University of Utah Medical Billing

Jocelyn Kearl, Marketing Committee
Term: August 2018 - Present
Owner, Third Sun

Mike Christensen, Real Estate Committee
Term: August 2018 - Present
Cambia Capital Patners

Peter Corroon, Past President/Real Estate Committee Chair
Term: September 2013 - Present
Managing Member, Red Gate Properties, LLC

Lincoln Scoffield, Real Estate Committee
Term: December 2013 - Present
Founder, Vetted Partners

Ann Ibrahim, Secretary-Special Events Committee Chair
Term: August 2015 - Present
Director of Regional Underwriting, Cambia Health Solutions

Jeff Fillmore, Development Committee Liason
Term: January 2018 - Present
Scalley Reading Bates Hansen & Rasmussen

Elaine Schlehuber, Family Services Committee
Term: August 2018 - Present

John Pauni, Family Services Committee
Term: May 2018 - Present
Delta Airlines

Alesha Davis, Special Events Committee
Term: May 2018 - Present
Service Management Analyst, Unisys