The Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity builds homes in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties. Once you have completed 100 hours of "Sweat Equity" the next unassigned house that is closest to completion will be assigned to you.
If you have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy that has not been discharged for eighteen months; or a chapter 13 bankruptcy that the creditors have not been paid in full, you will not be eligible at this time. Perfect credit is not required, but a lower debt to income ratio increases the possibility of being accepted. We will run a credit check on all borrowers.
The prices vary depending upon location, labor, land and materials. Mortgages are based upon what it costs Habitat to build. Costs of a Habitat home in Salt Lake County historically range from $130,000 to $160,000. The houses are then purchased at a zero percent interest mortgage for 20-40 years. Mortgage payments will be based on your gross monthly income.
Habitat mortgage documents include an agreement with the homeowner to share the equity proceeds for the life of the loan. Each year after the first three years, the homeowner remains in the home, the portion they receive increases.
Habitat Houses are modestly sized by North American standards -- for example, a 3-bedroom Habitat house is around 1100 square feet of living space according to guidelines. Families of one to five people qualify for a three bedroom, one bathroom house; families of six to eight qualify for a four bedroom, one and bathroom house. Habitat for Humanity's commitment to build with people in need readily extends to those with disabilities. Habitat for Humanity's board of directors has endorsed the concept that all Habitat houses should incorporate basic accessible design features, such as a zero-step entrance and wide passage doors and hallways. Houses built in partnership with families with disabilities include additional accessibility features.