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Critical home repairs:

Many of SLVHFH’s new construction sites are nestled into older neighborhoods that are in need of some attention and care.  Neighborhood Revitalization (or Critical Home Repair) efforts focus on the improvement of entire communities around new Habitat construction sites, and supporting families who already own their homes.

There is a great need for Home Repair services in our community. These services focus on revitalizing homes’ integrity through both exterior and interior home repair to alleviate health, life and safety/code issues. Repairs range from energy efficiency upgrades lowering the utility costs for the homeowner, to critical home repairs that address major repair needs.

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New Home Construction

The families that participate in the Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity new home construction program are wonderful, hardworking, low income families (with a gross yearly income between 30% and 60% of the Federal Area Median Income guidelines).

Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity believes and insists on non-discriminatory family selection criteria for all homeowner families.  Home buyers applying to Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity must Demonstrate a need for adequate and affordable housing, demonstrate an ability to pay and the applicant families must be credit worthy.

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