The Lopez Family

"Now that we have a home my boys can finally have a pet."

In Spring of 2017, Ms. Lopez a single, full-time working mother of two delightful boys moved into her new home, built through Habitat for Humanity. The road to her new home has not always been easy. She and her kids lived in three different apartments while she was finishing her nursing degree.

Every time the rent increased beyond her means she would have to move her family into one room of her mother’s apartment in order to find another apartment that she could afford. But, she remained committed to obtaining her degree to pull herself out of the renting cycle. Her Habitat mortgage is more than $200 less than her last apartment rent and she is grateful for the security of knowing that the amount will not increase.

Now that they have settled into a home of their own, she has promised her boys that they can finally have a pet.

Photo: Lopez boys meet their hero, REAL goalie Nick Rimando, at their new home dedication.